If you’re anything like most of our customers, you’re at least somewhat familiar with QuickBooks – it’s one of the most widely used accounting application in use. It’s advertised as being very simple and user-friendly, so many business owners jump right in to using the services to track their finances, but quickly realize that things don’t seem… quite right. 

Let’s face it, sometimes our financial records can get a little messy. Duplicate entries, uncategorized transactions, and inconsistent data can turn your QuickBooks into something that is unusable. Maybe you’ve noticed one or more of these issues in your books:

  • Revenue numbers are WAY too high – as if every transaction was counted twice
  • Your payroll transactions are on the books, but the numbers don’t add up to what you think it should be costing you
  • Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable reports don’t accurately show what you are owed or owe
  • Some transactions ALWAYS seem to be doubled on the books
  • Balance sheet accounts with negative balances

This can feel like a big problem with no good solution – if you had wanted to be an accountant, THAT’S what you’d be doing for a living. But fear not! Our QuickBooks Cleanup service is here to restore order and clarity to your financial records.

What exactly is QuickBooks Cleanup, you ask? Think of it as a deep clean for your financial data. We’ll review every transaction and correctly categorize them, researching to ensure that they’re recorded correctly, and build you new financial statements from scratch. We’ll reconcile every account and help to organize your data into something that you can use to make smarter business decisions. 

Why bother with a QuickBooks Cleanup? Well, for starters, accuracy. Clean, organized financial records are the foundation of sound decision-making for your business. With reliable data at your fingertips, you can be confident that you’re on the right track, whether you want to grow your business, maintain, or even if you’re thinking about selling. 

Another important reason to have accurate financial data would be if you want to get a loan – whether you’re trying to acquire vehicles or equipment, purchase a building, or invest in your business another way, your bank or credit union will insist on seeing financial statements before lending any money. 

Then there’s the time-saving aspect. If you feel like a bill is higher than normal, it’ll be a breeze to compare with recent transactions when your data is clean and organized. Maybe you want to know how long it takes your clients to pay, on average. Or compare average wages year-over-year. If your QB account is accurate, these questions can be answered quickly, without fumbling through stacks of receipts and paper reports. 

And let’s not forget about tax season. A well-maintained QuickBooks makes the process of filing taxes a breeze. No more scrambling to gather documents at the last minute or trying to make sense of jumbled records. With everything neatly organized, you’ll sail through tax season stress-free – and we’ll make sure that we’re recording every business expense accurately, so you don’t miss out on any tax breaks!

So, if your QuickBooks is in need of a little TLC, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let us help you streamline your finances and take the stress out of bookkeeping. Get in touch with us today, and let’s whip those books into shape together.